Donation - Please have a pre counted donation ready for me to count while you are taking your shower. Handing it to me in an envelope is preferred.  For outcalls at a restaurant, discreetly give it to me under the table or in a gift bag. 
Can we smoke together - I am a non-smoker and have been sober since 2018.  However, I have no problem with you having a bit of plant before our rendez-vous. 
Can we drink together - As for drinks, I rarely enjoy a glass of alchool.  My taste tend to go for the sangria and Pina colada. If you want to bring something, you are more welcome to do so. I might not take some but will enjoy talking with a glass of sparkling water. 
Respect - Mutual respect is very important for me.  This is why I am asking you to please not push my limits.  Our time is precious and it is important for me to respect the time we agreed on meeting.  I understand that last minute emergency and accur and this is why I am open to reschedule if you let me know at least 10 hours in advance. I have a 0 tolerance policy for time wasters.  I encourage you to communicate with me if ever you have change of plans. 
Hygiene - A shower, towel, mouth wash, hand sope, baby towels will be available for you when you arrive. 
I am asking you to please jump in the shower before we start touching and kissing. I have a sensitive skin AND nose and hygiene is a must for me.  Even if you already took a shower at home, I will gently ask you to take another one.  

© 2020 by  Roselyne Simone

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