Frenquently asked questions


What's your safe girlfriend experience rates?

30 minutes - 200 45 minutes - 250 1 hour - 300 90 minutes - 450 2 hours - 600 3 hours - 900 4 hours - 1100

What's your girlfriend experience rates?

30 minutes - 250 45 minutes - 300 1 hour - 350 90 minutes - 550 2 hours - 700 3 hours - 1000 4 hours - 1200

What's your pornstar experience rates?

30 minutes - 300 45 minutes - 380 1 hour - 450 90 minutes - 650 2 hours - 800 3 hours - 1200 4 hours - 1600

What's your BDSM/Kinks rates ?

Prostate massage - Extra 50 Pegging (Strap-on) - Extra 100 Golden shower - Extra 100 Brown shower - Extra 150 Submission/Domination - On demands Roleplays - Roleplays are included in pornstar experience. Roleplays that aren't listed in PSE are : Rape play - incest play - Puke play - Baby play - Pet play.

What's your erotic massage rates?

Only includes happy ending * 30 minutes - 150 45 minutes - 200 1 hour - 250 90 minutes - 350 2 hours - 500

What's your extended rates?

Diner-date (4 hours) - 1000 6 hours - 2000 14 hours - 3500 24 hours - 5000 48 hours - 9000

General questions

Do you have restrictions?

Yes ! I have my hard limits. Under no circonstences I will accept any violation of them. Greek Bareback Penetration Swallow Face slapping Face spitting Spit in mouth Nipple bite Pushy domination Hard choking

What does your schedule looks like?

My schedule is flexible. I only take a few clients per day/week. Prebooking is recommended. Monday - 10am to 10pm Tuesday - 10am to 10pm Wednesday - 10am to 10pm Thursday - 9am to 10pm Friday - 9am to 10pm Saturday - 9am to 10pm Sunday - OFF

Can I find you at Adagio?

Yes indeed! You can catch me at Adagio mostly thursday to saturday 9am to 3pm. If you really want to be sure I'm there, don't hesitate to visit their website. My schedule might change on exception. Remember that I don't offer the same services as outside at adagio. The donations vary between 120 and 220. Extras are offered and are to be discussed in the room.

Do you offer incalls?

I offer incalls located at the heart of downtown montreal. The incall is fully furnished. The only thing you need to bring is your smile !

What can I bring you as refreshment?

Sparkling water such as Perrier is a drink I appreciate. I don't drink alcool since I am part of Sober gang! You are welcome to bring your alcool if you wish to have a drink. There is cafe, water and juice at my incall.

What's the difference between safe girlfriend experience and girlfriend experience?

The concept is the same, one difference, safety. Although girlfriend experience is the most popular service, safe girlfriend experience should be in my opinion, the most desired. Should you understand better, let me explain with acronyms. Girlfriend experience includes services such as bbbj, daty, dfk. Safe girlfriend experience otherwise, doesn't include bbbj and daty. It includes cbj. Reminder that safety is sexy !

When should I expect an answer from you?

I try to answer emails and texts within 24 hours. I'm a busy woman and there might be delays sometimes. Please be patient, it will come to you shortly.

What's your wishlist and favorites ?

Random gift - Cat toys, Bath and body products. Food - Dark chocolate 85+, Berries dipped in chocolate, Cafe and Tea, sushies. Books - Financial books, Spiritual books (Angel, healing, self-growth, law of attraction, synchronicity, Spirits, Ritual and magic, Crystal ball, Pendulum...), History books. Drinks - Mout de pomme, sparkling water,virgin ceasar. Lingerie - For love lily, Agent provocateur, La perla, For love and lemons, Bordelle, Victoria secret. Gift card - amazon, Agent provocateur, Sephora, Lulu lemons, Holt renfrew, Fashion nova, Indigo, Bath and body. Shoes - Louboutin, Prada. Designer - Chanel, Prada, Dior, Fendi, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton

Touch Base

Extra fees



Outcalls - 50/hour

Couples - 150/hour

Appointement outside my schedule -  100/hour

Other cities of Canada - 50/hour

USD to CAD is a 1:1 ratio

Taking my texts and emails 

10am to 10pm

Working hours 

Monday - 10am to 10pm

Tuesday - 10am to 10pm

Wednesday - 10am to 10pm

Thursday- 10am to 10pm

Friday- 10am to 11pm

Saturday- 11am-11pm

Sunday- 12pm-6pm

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