I expect the donation to be given at the beggining of our encounter and I will verify it while you are taking your shower.  I do not tolerate negotiation about my donations.  If you try to deal my donations, it will result in a blacklist.  Tips and gifts are never expected but always appreciated if you appreciated my compagny.  It's flattering to know that you took some time to look up for something that would put a smile on my face and make me happy. 


Be respectful and polite during pre-appointment communication and while having the session. I won't tolerate anyone being rude, agressive or pushy towards me.  By being respectful, you're earning my trust and that will alow me to be more confortable by your side.  Our time is precious, please treat our date as any other kind of professional appointment.


Professional and understanding, I am willing to sign confidentiality agreements for celebrities. 


I'm an understanding human being. I know that life happens and that unexpected obligations can take place.  In order to respect both parties, I ask you to notice me at least 24 hours in advance if something comes up on your side.  Otherwise, I will require a 50% deposit in order for us to reschedule in the futur. If you fell that requirement, I will ask for the full donation in order to reschedule. 


I take a huge importance in hygiene.  As much as you want me to welcome you fresh and fully prepared for our accounter, I expect the same service in return. I provide clean towels, mouth wash and other supplies for you.  Shower is an obligation at the beggining of our session. 

I always look my best and meet you freshly showered and harmoniously dressed for each unique occasion. 


I'm hosting in a private condo located downtown montreal. Outcalls are only available at Hotels and for a few special occasions, at your condo. (for regulars only) Outcalls require an extra transportation fee of 50/hour to cover my travelling expenses. 

When touring, I'm hosting from an elegant hotel room.  A 20$ deposit might be required if I feel the need to ask.


Communication is the key. Don't feel shy to provide me with all details and requests you would like to experience with me. I am quit open minded and curious to introduce you to new things you never experienced before.  However, if ever I feel like your requirements don't match with my personnality and what I can offer you, I will gladly refer you to one of my coworker. 

During our session, I like to use the colour code. 

Green - all good

Yellow - slow down

Red - stop

I can feel people quit easily but everybody is different and sometimes, I can't read what's on your mind.  Always remember that I will never judge or critic you on your fantasies and taste.

Always feel confortable giving me some directions to how to please you. 

  • Donations are for my time and companionship only. 

  • Every race, gender, age and ability are welcome.  No discremination will be tolerated on my part.  

Touch Base

Extra fees



Outcalls - 50/hour

Couples - 150/hour

Appointement outside my schedule -  100/hour

Other cities of Canada - 50/hour

USD to CAD is a 1:1 ratio

Taking my texts and emails 

10am to 10pm

Working hours 

Monday - 10am to 10pm

Tuesday - 10am to 10pm

Wednesday - 10am to 10pm

Thursday- 10am to 10pm

Friday- 10am to 11pm

Saturday- 11am-11pm

Sunday- 12pm-6pm

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