My name is Roselyne and I am the kind of woman you want to meet at least once in your life. 

I'm a young woman in her early 20s, but many say that my maturity level reflects otherwise. I am a girl with boundless energy.  Expressive and energetic, I speak proudly and try to make everyone around me smile and feel at ease. 

Some people say I may come across serious on my pictures but I am quite the opposite. I am ALWAYS smiling and laughing. I'm someone with enornemous pride and self-esteem. When I enter a room, all eyes are on me and eventhough I am very humble, I love it.  I want you to be proud to be in my presence as much as I am to be with yours. 


I thrive for the feeling of freedom which being a companion gives me. 

I am socialy popular because of my easygoing, and likable manners.
I am very sensitive, and instinctual rather than a mechanical person which makes it hard to believe that I could be faking.  I don't take myself too seriously and even if our time is precious, I am always happy to chat a bit, and answer your questions when I have time. When having our time together, you are the most important person on earth.

Gifted artistically, I am intensely interested and skilled at a wide variety of things. Just like a chameleon, I can adapt to all type of situation and people.
Don't be shy to talk about your fantasies and kinks, I am a very open-minded and am receptive to new ideas you can offer me.  Growing up, I wanted to conquer the world. by helping poor countries, and other cases that I took at heart.  I gratuated from Highschool in Ontario in 2014 and went straight to University at the age of 18.  I graduated in Nutrition in 2019.  In 2020 I decided to take Professional make up classes.  I am now studying finance and enjoy talking about investment.  

I am very intelligent and love to keep myself well-educated by reading books, and documentaries about all types of subjects such as history and spirituality. I can easily engage in various conversations and time never gets boring by my side.

 I have a preference for respectful and mature men who wishes to spend quality time, laughing in bed or having diner.  With the time we will share together, you will see that mutual pleasure is very important to me and that my man must be treated as a king - doing everything in my power to offer you comfort and pure ease. 

You might want a discreet getaway, a sexy meeting in a hotel room, the rush of a date filled with sensuality, passion, sexuality, someone to make your fantasies come true or maybe just someone to spend a relaxing evening with.    My world is where all fantasies become reality and where you can escape everyday life stress and responsabilities.  A date with me is a unique experience that I wish will make you look back dearly, making you wanting more and more. 


I aspire to be your best kept secret, your muse that you can't wait to escape from.

 I dare you to come and test it!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Are you looking to set a date with me ? 

I love it when my lovers take the time to describe themselves in details prior to booking.  This gives me an idea of who you are and what you enjoys and this his way, I can really prepare for our unique date. 

To ensure my safety and time, I will only meet lovers that provide screening information. I am asking for 1 to 2 of these following methods.

* A valid government ID ( medical card, driven licence) 
* A reference from a reputable provider that you have seen less than 6 months ago

I reassure you that confidentiality is important to me and all the informations shared will be kept confidential. 

To conclude, I am asking for a deposit of 20% made via e transfer or Paypall.  The ID and deposit are to be sent to my email. 
The deposit is non-refundable. 
If you need to cancel our date please do so 48hours in advance.  The deposit will be applied for our next appointment

Contact and deposit informations | 438-923-4280

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