Roselyne Simone

I always found it hard to write about oneself, but there it goes...

Coucou beloved gentlemen, 
Let me introduce myself, Roselyne Simone
Classy and elegant, 
I am  a luxurious French companion based in the city of Montreal, Canada.
I am definitely not your average typical girl. 
I am the definition of a real Mediterranean bombshell. I am rather very captivating and a rarity of all kinds. My precious smile, alluring dark eyes, soft heart shaped lips and cashmere skin, are quite addictive and will leave you wanting more.
I am a young woman in her early 20s, but many say that my maturity level reflects otherwise. I have beautiful men-hand made 32 DDD enhanced breasts with nipple piercings on both of them. I have long black hair and resplendent facial features.

Giving the impression of a 'bad girl' or rebel, with my full body art you will soon enough find out that I have an enormous heart made of gold. 
I am as colourful outside as I am on the inside. Roselyne is born in March which makes me a Pisces.  I don't know if astrology is something you take interest in, but Pisces are very special people.
Deeply emphatic, I often exhibit a gentle and patient nature, but one that is in want of inspiration.  

Just like a chameleon, I can adapt well to all circumstances, both good or bad. I am generous, naturally positive with a deep sense of kindness and compassion which makes it easier for my partners to open up about their secret fantasies. I can also be easily tuned in to everything around me including the feeling of others.  I have an uncanny sense of perceiving what my lover wants or needs and delivering it. 

I am socially popular because of my easygoing, 'no bullshit', and likable manners.

I am very sensitive, and instinctual rather than a mechanical person which makes it hard to believe that I can be faking it.

I am a workaholic and engaged in this chosen path because I deeply enjoy what I do and it shows in my services and implication. I have a strong desire to escape reality and this job gives me that opportunity.

I put lots of care into myself such as my Nails, hair, feet, skin ,and self-care. I want you to be proud walking by my side just as I am proud and confident of myself.
I excel in the art of seduction and situations where I can leverage my imaginative and intuitive nature. I like to take control and get freaky with originals positions.Eventhough I like to take control, I promise that I have a fun submisive side that you will LOVE to discover. I am incorrigible romantic, gentle and uncondionaly generous to my partners. I am a passionate lover who likes to have a real connection with my partner.

Gifted artistically, I am intensely interested and skilled at a wide variety of things. Just like a chameleon, I can adapt to all type of situation and people.

Don't be shy to talk about your fantasies and kinks, I am a very open-minded and am receptive to new ideas you can offer me.

If I am not in your company, you will often find me at a basketball court, playing piano, reading about literature, spirituality and history, acting or painting and shopping.

I am a companion who loves style, Luxury and pleasure. I didn't travel much but is always ready for new exciting adventures. When I travel, I enjoy unique, exotic, luxurious places as well as modest places.

Just as much as I enjoy luxe, I can easily have fun fishing, ice fishing, gun shooting, go camping and other nature/outside activities.

I am an incredible character actress and I found great success in the porn industry.

My favorite activity is to laugh I love to go to comedy shows.

My studies in a high-end Boarding school in Ontario gave me the chance to learn my English at a young age. I am very intelligent and love to keep myself well-educated by reading books, studies and documentaries about all types of subjects. I can easily engage in various conversations and time never gets boring by my side.
Even if I am perfectly fluent in both English and french, men often say that I have an adorable and super sexy accent that goes well with my sensual personality.

When I walk into a room, all heads turn and only for the right reasons. My beautiful curves made at the gym and with my fairly severe diet are the results of my hard work and dedication to staying healthy and sexy for you. I am often told that I inspire sensuality, sexuality, confidence and desire which my lovers find very attractive. My charm is my biggest weapon and I know how to use it well. There is nothing I love more than knowing that I am the reason of your pleasure. I love what I do, and I do it with confidence and style.

Come enter the Lisa-Marie in wonderland world, where all fantasies become reality and where you can escape everyday life stress. Let me put you into trance, making you wanting more and more.... I will become your secret addiction. I dare you to come and test it!


Age: Early 20s

Weight: 121

Height: 5'2

Shoes size: 6.5

Hair: Long black

Piercings: Nipples, Nose, Belly and Ears

Tattoos: Many

Breast: Enhanced 32 DDD

Eyes: Dark Brown

Sexual orientation: Bi-Sexual

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